Be Confident. Be Agile.


Challenges and opportunities come at you quickly and they are rarely the same ones you faced yesterday. With ClickBase business intelligence, be ready for whatever the competition, your customers or the economy throws at you. Be more confident in your decisions and more agile in your responses to manage and grow your organization.

Would it help you to have a real-time dashboard of the most important operational parameters for your business at your fingertips? But, even more, would you want this dashboard with “at a glance reporting” plus powerful drill down functionality that allows you to get to the relevant details? ClickBase can give you all this and more.

ClickBase empowers your people to make better decisions.

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Would it help you to know...


Month to month or even day to day sales comparisons to any level of detail and between any elements of your business.

Exactly where expenses are being spent, by whom and when for accurate allocations across monthly departmental reports.

Current inventory levels, orders pending and sales trends by individual sales rep or by specific geography or by SKU.

How to quickly find that error causing your trial balance to be off.

What are your most profitable services.

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